Altitude Connections wants be part of your dreams…


1) Have you ever wished to be Mary Poppins so that you could get stuff done QUICKLY ?

2) Have you ever entertained the thought of cloning yourself so you can have less on your To-Do-List?

3) Have you ever wished for extra T.I.M.E. in one day ?

If your answer was YES to any of these questions, consider it POSSIBLE!

Altitude connectionsAltitude connections is your Mary Poppins and your clone enabling you to enjoy extra free T.I.M.E. in one day. Behind this successful enterprise, there is a trendy, wise, hardworking lady also known as Andrea Soueidan. After a brief discussion with her, I immediately understood that the recipe for Altitude connections‘ success is a tad of Andrea’s desire to help people combined with her passion for luxury lifestyle and last but not least, her life experiences. In fact, you won’t miss the spark in Andrea’s eyes and her genuine smile, ear to ear, when you ask her to help you on your project!

Having experienced life in different parts of the world, namely in Lebanon, Chicago, Dubai and Montreal, Andrea is aware of the direct correlation between professional expectations vs. quality of life. As the expectations rise, the quality of our life declines, only because we can’t afford the T word a.k.a. T.I.M.E. !Andrea 5

And that is when Altitude connections comes to our rescue !!! Let me tell you what to expect from Altitude connections

Have you ever scheduled a business meeting in a limousine  or at a cigar lounge ? To further impress a (potential) client, has it crossed your mind to have a Sommelier in a sports club? What about a scotch tasting event or even catering services for a conference or a board meeting? Have you ever entertained the thought of a Spa at the office ? This extra perks will have your employees work ever harder for your business’ success. Altitude connections would go that extra mile for you… Just rely on your personal assistant, Andrea’s recommendations !

Are you in the midst of planning your engagement, bachelorette, wedding shower, marriage or even a Baby shower ? Do you want it to be spectacular, just like the way you have always imagined it to be like, yet you have no time to take care of all of the details ? Its time to say GoodBye to the headaches associated to planning and leave everything in the hands of the concierge…Altitude connections!

andrea 6The day you must get your significant other a last-minute gift because you forgot a Birthday or an anniversary… yet you are stuck in meetings all day, just remember that with one phone call, Altitude connections will take care of every detail of the perfect gift for you. Your personal assistant, Andrea, can even organize a Private Dinner at a Gallery for you and your better half !

Opening your new business ? The Best Conciergerie Service in town, Altitude connectionshas plenty of experience in Restaurant openings, Boutique & Pastry launching…who knows, maybe Andrea can even help you organize your office party for the Holidays!

Regardless what it is, if you have a vision, Altitude connections will make it happen !!!

Here is my tip for you: Don’t let the requests intimidate you, her services can be easy access to your budget and lifestyle. Don’t hold back. Let Altitude Connections be part of your extended dreams …

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Let us be part of your dreams…

-Altitude Connections



DON’T PANIC… Happy Clients with Happy Tummies is our business !!

Dear my fave Reader,

Has it happened to you that on a weekday, right when you least expect it, at 11:45 AM, one of your clients unexpectedly walks into your office…And the first question that pops in your head is whether you feel comfortable enough taking your client to your daily restaurant to grab your regular mac’n’cheese ? Well if you’re wondering…DON’T…DON’T TAKE YOUR CLIENT TO YOUR DAILY PLAIN RESTAURANTS! Where you take your client reflects not only your professionalism but a little bit about you! So you tell me, is that the impression you would like to have?

This blog will not enumerate “the 18 reasons why you shouldn’t take your client to your ritual spots”! That’s always up to you but what you will find here though is a list of five restaurants where we suggest that you take your clients to, either for a meeting or simply to keep a good relations, which is always a great idea for all of you, current or future business owners !

1. Tavern Square Dominion. Right in the heart of The Golden Square Mile, this restaurant has survived through many ups and downs of our society. What are the secret ingredients of its success?  A blend of French and Canadian Cuisine with a touch of British culture. Thankfully, in 1988 a law came into force and prohibited the exclusivity of taverns to men, allowing women access to places such as Tavern Square Dominion!!! If you get the chance to take your client there, don’t forget to score points by inviting them to a Bone Marrow Platter followed by the Nutmeg Doughnuts. You’ll thank me in due time for these tips!

_DSC0519 dominion_square_tavern_bone_marrow

2. Olive & Gourmando. This restaurant always has a lineup as of noon. Is it worth the waiting time? Absolutely. Even if you are impatient, go and wait… trust me on this one ! If you want to get a seat, either go there at 11:30 AM or after 2 PM. Attention: Olive & Gourmando is closed on Mondays, hence plan accordingly and pencil it in your agenda in advance if you can. I made my Californian friend try their food and let me confirm that he was drooling for a while after – you know you did Montreal good when you’ve impressed Californians!

Their soups, their sandwiches, their deserts… you will not have enough of this jewel. Try their roasted Grain-Fed Chicken Breast Rubbed with Cajun Spices, Guacamole, Fresh Tomatoes, and Mango ! Your clients will love you for making them discover this spot.IMG_4630 IMG_3356

3. Dolcetto & co. Where do I start? You will not turn into a sailor at this Bar a vin italien, but you will sure wish you were one, if the food they serve is what sailors get to eat on their trips. As the sizes of their pizzas are just perfect, I highly recommend the foie gras fig sea salt pizza. Yes they have other pizzas to eat too, including a nutella one, but what can I say ? The heart wants to share what the tummy loves to taste.

Foie Gras

4. Titanic. No you are not going to sink, but the restaurant is extremely interesting as it is in the basement of the building! Although there is a lot of traffic there, you will almost always find a spot to sit and enjoy your food. This typical Old Montreal style restaurant is full of laid back professionals during lunch times and the staff is extremely kind and friendly. As for the food, I used to always order their BLT which is mixed with extravaganza vegetables, until I was introduced to their all vegetarian platter followed by their Mac’n’cheese. Needless to say that I personally scored points when I took my vegetarian client to Titanic for their vegetarian Platter.


5. Cantinho de Lisboa. Recently discovered during a hunt for a new spot to meet potential clients, this place is not only a restaurant! In fact, you can kill a few birds with the one stone:

1 little birdie) Please your client with a healthy platter so she or he will not have to worry confessing to their gym trainer about their calorie intake;

2 little birdies) Impress your client with the chef behind the scenes : Chef Helena Loureiro;

3 little birdies) Buy your fresh foods, hand picked or prepared by this one of a kind chef, just like you would do in a small market!

* Don’t skip their julienned… Crispy… Long… thin… fries!


Last but not least, when you’re clients are enthusiastically impressed and ask you how you found this place you took them to, make sure to forward them our blog link as these are just a few suggestions among many more to come in our upcoming blogs that they may need to use one day!!

May your success and appetite be satisfied dear readers! Please don’t forget to send WHATZBEST G.A.L.S. your comments!!!

Bon Appétit !

Your WhatZBest G.A.L.S.

Best Restaurants in Montreal – Special Edition of Mimi la Nuit experience, brought to you by WhatZBest G.A.L.S. !


Our Darling Readers,

As the snow is slowly but surely starting to melt, it’s as if new restaurants are flourishing right and left in our city. While getting rid of our winter jackets, boots and gloves, we must start hitting the hottest spots to savour the most Delish dishes of the latest restaurants opening up in town, and who better than WhatZBest to provide you the list of the very best.

We haven’t had the chance to write to you about our latest discovery because we were puzzled about it for a while: how could a musician, an architect and a businessman, among others, run a restaurant, not any, but an exquisite one in demand?!

Let us tell you a quick anecdote to sum it up for you.

Long Story Short … Recently, we discovered Mimi la Nuit and right away, we were amazed by its hip atmosphere, its trendy look, the quality of their food and its fantastic presentation. So good, that we asked to meet the partners.

To our surprise, we met three of them (out of a few) and once we asked a few questions, we wondered about the ingredients of their success. And when we felt like some of the pieces of the puzzle were missing, we digged deeper by asking Edward Zaki, one of the partners of Mimi la Nuit, to describe the source of Mimi la Nuit’s success.

Edward’s modest answer is an overview of what happens behind the scene of their Hit. Just like an octagon that relies on each of its eight pillars, this uproaring spot also has eight pillars that play an enormous role :

1) The ambiance/design/and their deviation from main stream music

2) Jeff Stinco, one of its partners and a member of Simple Plan

3) PM Tremblay … “a super well known bar/restaurant manager” (and I quote Edward in “…”)

4) Sindie Goineau – “one of the most well known sommelière in Montreal”

5) Location – Le 22 Saint-Paul Est, Montréal

6) Amazing waiters

7) The Finger Licking Original Good Food

8) Last but not least, Eloi Dion, a great chef !

Now that we have more information about Mimi la Nuit’s ingredients for success, let’s discover what they serve and where they serve it!

IMG_1616Unlike most restaurants, the kitchen is not isolated in a secluded area behind locked doors. The wine cellar is beautifully organized. The brick walls display the historic feel of the of Old Port. Enough said, I will let you enjoy the pictures:


What to eat there ?

Poultry: a really tasteful blackened chicken with a unique sauce, perhaps one of the many specialties of Mimi la Nuit, covering a sea of grilled vegetables!

Fruit: a bowl of water melon sliced in cubes and covered with spices, mixed with ricotta cheese, black olives, and tomatoes. I bet you that your taste buds will be impressed by this mix!

Deep fried: no comments, just look at the pictures of these shrimps on a stick!

Vegetable: Brussel Spouts with nuts, Serrano, mixed with apples !!!

IMG_5303 IMG_2771


Need I say more to get you in your car and on your way already ?

I think not!

It also has been brought to my attention that some of the partners of Mimi la Nuit also separately own the following restaurants which we will be visiting and writing about soon …

Barbounya; chez Victoire; Mangiafoco; Le Shinji; LaureaLorbeer; Drinkerie

If you have a chance to try this restaurant, we will be glad to read your comments !

Yours very truly,

Yours favourite G.A.L.S.


Make up can be expensive, you need to set aside a budget every month just to make a visit to  Sephora, and by the time you leave you have already spent the majority of that budget on stuff you didn’t know you needed in the first place. It can be emotionally exhausting. But do not fret my #onfleek friends! as the resident frugal friend in my circle, over the years I have compounded a vast knowledge of all things Beauty on a budget, because as we all know beauty is not about how you look, its about whats in your bank account. So with out further a-due here are your top 5 money saving ways to improve your make up kit:
A cult classic in its own right, this amazing primer works double duty by acting as a moisturizer and a pore minimizer, if you have oily skin be sure to use a very fine layer of this product to avoid an overly shiny look, other wise its used like a basic primer/ moisturizer on the skin. You can even use it on its own just to even out your skin tone if you are in a rush and want to look put together and polished. It will literally give you baby skin.
Another one by Maybeline, the Fit me foundation is awesome because its a drug store item, but it comes in both matte finish as well as a regular luminous finish reminiscent of NARS foundations which are pricier If you’re oily to combination go with the matte finish as the original formula tends to look a little shiny (unless thats the look you’re going for).
Fit Me comes in 17 shades and goes on smoothly with a flawless medium to full coverage finish and if you find the liquid formula too much work they also have a stick option that’s quick and easy while offering the same results. The concealers in the same range can work as a phenomenal highlight/ contour kit on the go:
19587649836                      maybelline
I cannot say enough about these blushes! They are very highly pigmented so you only need very little product on your brush, thusly making them a great investment because will last you a very long time! and they come in a wide range of colours so you can also pick up contour/high-light colors and avoid paying so much for so little at other beauty product counters. I love a good deal 🙂

Blush NYX

This may fall in the make up hack category, but if it saves you money its going on this list! I like using one product to achieve multiple things, so I like to use my mascara as an eyeliner as well. here is what you need:
-A mascara (any one of your choosing, preferably a black water proof one)
-An angled eye-shadow brush/ precision liner brush
-A skilled steady hand
Dip angled brush into mascara residue on the wand, use as though you would a gel eyeliner, its that simple!
This product will literally solve all your life problems and its going to cost you so little for so much! You have dry skin from living in the ice box that is Montreal? your hair won’t grow fast enough? want beautiful Cara Delevingne-esque fluffy brows? having memory lost issues (your mind is beautiful too and you should take care of it)? wanna lose weight and not give up yummy foods? well my friends Coconut oil is the solution to all of these problems. This grocery store item is such a great thing to have handy in your beauty kit because it serves as a great moisturizer for your skin, hair and face, works great as a primer for a dewy make up look, is a great make up remover, will whiten your teeth, your hair will grow faster and your waist line shrink quicker; the benefits are endless! check out this link below for more information on how this will change your life!
Now go forth my frugal friends and save that cash whilst being pretty and healthy!

Top 5 Savoury Tapas-Style Restaurants in Montreal


Dear our Favorite Foodie,

Are you itching for new experiences and risks ?

Are you willing to do a challenge which entails tasting various platters?

We find it annoying to be stuck with one main dish, which could either turn out to be great or mediocre. Therefore we have decided to provide you a list of tapas style restaurants to keep you entertained with savoury dishes along with an exciting experience. Here are our Top.5.Savory.Tapas.Style.Restos.

1. Tapas 24. La cocina del Tapas 24 de Barcelona en Montreal – We suggest you immediately run to this restaurant the moment you finish reading this paragraph because the chef, Carles Abellan, is currently in town and you don’t want to miss him.  Quality, Quantity, Ambiance, Service, Music, name it and you will not be disappointed. Don’t be shy to order everything on the menu. Also, you can try their amazing cocktails, and one of them is made with Saffron! Go figure!


2. Toro Toro. Where do I begin ? This charming restaurant sometimes has a BAND, other times has a DJ playing amazing music. It is actually a great place to have your gatherings there such as office 5 à 7 or even birthday parties. In fact, most of the time it is crowded with people networking through some sort of a community. The restaurant is cosy, the tapas are great, as for the service, you have no idea how accommodating they are. It is just impeccable.  And you can even ask the owner Samir to make you a special Mojito which is really the best ! 

7 g6ljOxyBtqvxXL

3. Imadake. Imagine that every time you enter and exit this Japanese pub, the entire restaurant salutes you out loud. Their food is brought to you in small portions, tapas style, very quickly. You won’t really have to wait for your order. They have Sake Bombs that are so much fun : simply because you have to scream out loud : SAKE – BOMB – SAKE – BOMB – SAKEEEE – BOMB while hitting the table thereby dropping the sake cup in the mug full of beer! This place is amazing if you wanna have a fun night out with friends. Don’t forget to try their black sesame ice cream !

imadake111 IMG_3012

4. Lustucru. Do you enjoy tartars ? We will let you discover their menu on your own. In fact, if you are not sure what it is that you want, you can order the entire tartar menu for 100 $! That is exactly what I did because I am a Libra and I cannot make up my mind when it comes to good food. Therefore, that was the best way to try everything and every single tartar was finger licking good and presented in an extraordinary way. Even their water tastes good… we will let you discover it.

p1040233 p1040235

5. Kazu. Quality, Quantity, Price, Service, Charm… minus the line up at the door!  The food is so good that the line up is actually really worth it. Their famous dish is their Shrimp Burger, but I can assure you that there are MUCH more than just the Shrimp Burger that will get you addicted and make you go back there, a lot ! Their tuna and salmon salad, is to die for.  Their Beef Carpaccio as well as their tuna carpaccio… A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Make sure that you get a seat at the bar as you get to see the chef Kazu cook and prepare the meals right in front of you. It is extremely entertaining, good and fun!

IMG_5036 IMG_4670

Well we sure hope that next time that you go to a restaurant, you won’t have to be stuck with one plate and you will be able to be a little adventurous by trying all sorts of new things at any of these top 5 tapas style restaurants.

Send us your comments and let us know what you think !!!

Bon Appétit.


Single, taken? – Who cares you’re awesome!

Dear awesomeness,

It must have been really hard for everyone to go out there in the city this weekend as it is a hassle to find parking in this snow, among the last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers who are running from one store to another trying to find the perfect gift for their love.grumpy-cat-valentines-day-meme-3

It has been since the day after Christmas that all the shelves in stores bear reminders of this day, every radio commercial constantly reminds us that this weekend will either be a marathon of love songs or break up songs, every single business that has your email is sending you reminders that February 14th is the day to celebrate love.

Hence most singles will attempt to stay away from the streets in hopes of being far far far from every single reminder of love, passion, cheesiness …, but you soon realize that there is no escape. However, the last thing we want is for you to look anything like grumpy cat here!

So we came up with 7 great  things to do to ensure that you don’t get boggled down with all the overwhelming pressure to be in love.

good-friends-good-timeswall-quotes-friends-sayings1. Start with the best first step to happiness – gratitude! Take some time to  Look at everything you have to be thankful for. Start with the simplest things; food, clean water, a roof over your head, warmth, and gradually move to the more complex things; about how your life played out, how the tougher parts of it got you where you are today and made you a better person, and the greater moments that made you happy through ever step. Do it for this weekend, and do it everyday until it’s mastered in your day-to-day routine, before you know it,”Gratitude will start a chain reaction to happiness“.

2. Next up, get together with the best of friends. You know those who make you laugh so hard that you have tears in your eyes, the ones that surprise you every time that you think they couldn’t come up with a funnier unexpected comment or even the one that entertains themselves so much that their laugh is funnier than the funny thing they just did. If you don’t have friends like that, we have other options for you but trust me it’s probably more important to get one or a few of those instead of a valentine!download

3. Do something fun, go to a comedy show at Comedy Nest, jump on trampolines at Isaute, get some coffee while you pet some kitties at Café Chat L’heureux and pick up on their warmth, go skating in the old port. Anything it takes to make the youth shine out of your smile.

images4. You can also go to Pandore, Flyjin, Furco, or any other one of these places where you can dance like nobody is watching, or maybe dance like somebody is watching, whatever shakes your booty!

5. Pamper yourself, go to a spa, get a haircut, shave, make sure you feel at your 100% best. I wouldn’t recommend going to the most common places as they will be swamped with couples, but try somewhere new, somewhere isolated where you can treat yourself in peace!

6. Hit the gym like Rocky, or do some Hot Yoga like a Yogii! Ya I’m sure no one else told you to do that. But what better way to show love – to yourself! Hit the gym, hard and know that no matter what, you’re working on keeping yourself at your best.

7. Lastly, that seat doesn’t need to be for you:10985597_10152540587970670_840132086027102314_n

Stay in, cook a dinner and watch a movie. If you can’t cook for your life, there’s plenty of culinary classes that you can book for this weekend. You can even read a book, play some board games with friends (Taboo rocks our world) or even better leave us some feedback on our WHATZBEST blog and tell us what what you would like to read about!

In short, these are just a few guidelines! Do whatever your heart feels for! Just make sure it’s not something you will look back at with disappointment! It’s a man made holiday, society can be pretty pressuring these days, it’s on you to keep your head up, it’s on us to help!

Now that You’ve heard our best advice, give us your comments and feedback:

1. What did you do?

2. What else would you recommend?

3. What worked for you? What didn’t?

We’re waiting to hear from you!

With lots of love,

G. A. & L. S – oh look at that our initials combined come us as GALS! We some cool GALS 😉

My Top5LadiesBoutiques in MTL ” Let’s go shopping she said… It won’t take long she said! “

Dear best of WHATZBEST,

If you’ve been following our blog with tenacity and dedication (why wouldn’t you right?)…then you’ve been to the 5 best breakfast spots in Montreal, you’ve tasted Poutine G, and you’ve been a yogi for at least a week – making up for all those restaurant indulgences – and well, now you want some hot clothes that accentuate the oh-so-hot you that’s been working on her amazing self.

What’s that? Mainstream Zara, Axara, Aritzia not doing it for you anymore? Feel like everyone has already done it? Well here are some of my Top5FavouriteMontrealBoutiques for that unique hot individualistic look. I know, I know, you’re thinking here comes the bank blower! But rest assured, I’ve got you covered for that too! 

Technically, all you need after reading this blog is: a the following list, a transportation method, some cash, and well.. if you want to make it real fun, bring someone who hates shopping – just for fun sakes!

My Top5FavouriteMontrealBoutiques:

1.2015-02-01_21-05-36 Nouveau Noir Crescent’s little secret shopping gem!

 A boutique opened by three Montreal ladies who wanted to bring something a little unique to Montreal. The interesting thing about Nouveau Noir is that it’s in the middle of some trendy, somewhat pricey boutiques – which may be intimidating for some, if they assume it’s going to be out of their budget range. But walking into Nouveau Noir makes you feel like a personal shopper literally handpicked each “Omg! I love this!!!” item from non-mainstream stores around the world! In love yet?? Well, brace yourselves! There’s more!!! Not only do they go for the look, they’ve considered uniqueness, quality, budgets, comfort… and most importantly customer service!! They’re ready to help you build that look, so don’t be shy to ask – and please, do try their Articles of Society Jeans!!!

– Find it @

2. Tres Chic Styling Ah yes!! The name says is all!! A true Montrealer!

Filled with a wide variety of items from around the world, I would be surprised if you can’t find an item you love! They display everything from jewelry, to coats, jeans, tops, blazers, dresses and even evening gowns!! Trust me when I tell you the store’s name is not an understatement! You will walk out of there feeling like a Tres Chic Stylish Chicka who will never divulge to anyone the bargain she got ;). Although I admit some items might be a little pricey, there’s something for everyone. But, if you’re still not satisfied, sign up to their mailing list to catch their next 50% off sale…Yup…Yeah…I know..

2015-02-01_21-04-50Baby! Très Chic Style moi already huh?!!

– Find it @

3. 1861 Where shall I start!? I seriously don’t know how the owners of this store get all their purchasing done!!! Two stores in Montreal, with every item beautifully displayed on their website, their stores are always packed, and there is just an unbelievable amount of fashion items – including unique stylish shoes!!

  What’s that.. Cupid just struck?  #Ishoesyou  #wedontjudge!!! –boutique1861

A big fan of elegant, classy items, 1861 never fails to meet my expectations! Not only do they encourage Montreal breakthrough designers like Arti Gogna, their hip, 1861 store concept makes a girl want to delve into the 1861 lady in her! You know, the elegant, sexy, strong confident royal lady!! If you’ve watched Games of Thrones, then you have an idea of what I’m talking about! No matter what the item you buy, you can tell, it’s a trademark built into their purchasing mechanism. Check it out for yourself – my Lady!

– Find it @

4. Denim Kings You’ve been so good to me!!! Although I want to keep you to myself and hide you from the world… I believe they say.. sharing is caring!! That said;

Need jeans!?? 2015-02-01_21-02-32

Shorts, capris, skirts, skinnys, boot-cuts?

Well lucky you! Being a WHATZBEST follower just earned you my well kept secret! Going to Denim kings is like making a trip to the US without having to cross the border and worry about custom limits! – What better way to show your true Canadian side eh? – Hudson’s, Seven Jeans, True Religion, Joe’s, J Brand and so much more, for women (men and toddlers too –  AKA cutie fiesta!) One stop and I guarantee you, your booty will know who’s king at making it look good in denim. And to that I say – You’re welcome! 

– Find it @ 

5. Unique If you haven’t come across Unique before, then you my reader, haven’t experienced the art of shopping.  unikEntering this store, may make you feel like there’s too much to shop through, but once you actually take the time to decipher the clothing, you’ll learn to appreciate every piece of clothing like a piece of art. They hold a range of brands for women (and men) and you can count on them to have your everyday look at uniquely bargained prices! – Talk about being unique! – Make sure to go all the way upstairs for some shoes and please, by all means, go crazy on  making your unique look fabulous!

– Find it @ Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2N 1P6 (514) 381-9964

Now that You know My Top5LadiesBoutiques in MTL, please leave me your comments and feedback:

1. Have You been to all 5 stores?

2. If You have not, did I convince You to go to the ones You have not yet gone to? Please do not forget to send me Your comments once you do go to them.

3. Also, do you have any boutiques you would add to this list? Don’t hesitate to tell me about them, I’ll check them out and write back sometime soon!

If You wish to have my feedback about a specific store, please don’t hesitate to ask for my 2cents in a comment.

Shop away mes chéries! 

– L.S.