My Top5LadiesBoutiques in MTL ” Let’s go shopping she said… It won’t take long she said! “

Dear best of WHATZBEST,

If you’ve been following our blog with tenacity and dedication (why wouldn’t you right?)…then you’ve been to the 5 best breakfast spots in Montreal, you’ve tasted Poutine G, and you’ve been a yogi for at least a week – making up for all those restaurant indulgences – and well, now you want some hot clothes that accentuate the oh-so-hot you that’s been working on her amazing self.

What’s that? Mainstream Zara, Axara, Aritzia not doing it for you anymore? Feel like everyone has already done it? Well here are some of my Top5FavouriteMontrealBoutiques for that unique hot individualistic look. I know, I know, you’re thinking here comes the bank blower! But rest assured, I’ve got you covered for that too! 

Technically, all you need after reading this blog is: a the following list, a transportation method, some cash, and well.. if you want to make it real fun, bring someone who hates shopping – just for fun sakes!

My Top5FavouriteMontrealBoutiques:

1.2015-02-01_21-05-36 Nouveau Noir Crescent’s little secret shopping gem!

 A boutique opened by three Montreal ladies who wanted to bring something a little unique to Montreal. The interesting thing about Nouveau Noir is that it’s in the middle of some trendy, somewhat pricey boutiques – which may be intimidating for some, if they assume it’s going to be out of their budget range. But walking into Nouveau Noir makes you feel like a personal shopper literally handpicked each “Omg! I love this!!!” item from non-mainstream stores around the world! In love yet?? Well, brace yourselves! There’s more!!! Not only do they go for the look, they’ve considered uniqueness, quality, budgets, comfort… and most importantly customer service!! They’re ready to help you build that look, so don’t be shy to ask – and please, do try their Articles of Society Jeans!!!

– Find it @

2. Tres Chic Styling Ah yes!! The name says is all!! A true Montrealer!

Filled with a wide variety of items from around the world, I would be surprised if you can’t find an item you love! They display everything from jewelry, to coats, jeans, tops, blazers, dresses and even evening gowns!! Trust me when I tell you the store’s name is not an understatement! You will walk out of there feeling like a Tres Chic Stylish Chicka who will never divulge to anyone the bargain she got ;). Although I admit some items might be a little pricey, there’s something for everyone. But, if you’re still not satisfied, sign up to their mailing list to catch their next 50% off sale…Yup…Yeah…I know..

2015-02-01_21-04-50Baby! Très Chic Style moi already huh?!!

– Find it @

3. 1861 Where shall I start!? I seriously don’t know how the owners of this store get all their purchasing done!!! Two stores in Montreal, with every item beautifully displayed on their website, their stores are always packed, and there is just an unbelievable amount of fashion items – including unique stylish shoes!!

  What’s that.. Cupid just struck?  #Ishoesyou  #wedontjudge!!! –boutique1861

A big fan of elegant, classy items, 1861 never fails to meet my expectations! Not only do they encourage Montreal breakthrough designers like Arti Gogna, their hip, 1861 store concept makes a girl want to delve into the 1861 lady in her! You know, the elegant, sexy, strong confident royal lady!! If you’ve watched Games of Thrones, then you have an idea of what I’m talking about! No matter what the item you buy, you can tell, it’s a trademark built into their purchasing mechanism. Check it out for yourself – my Lady!

– Find it @

4. Denim Kings You’ve been so good to me!!! Although I want to keep you to myself and hide you from the world… I believe they say.. sharing is caring!! That said;

Need jeans!?? 2015-02-01_21-02-32

Shorts, capris, skirts, skinnys, boot-cuts?

Well lucky you! Being a WHATZBEST follower just earned you my well kept secret! Going to Denim kings is like making a trip to the US without having to cross the border and worry about custom limits! – What better way to show your true Canadian side eh? – Hudson’s, Seven Jeans, True Religion, Joe’s, J Brand and so much more, for women (men and toddlers too –  AKA cutie fiesta!) One stop and I guarantee you, your booty will know who’s king at making it look good in denim. And to that I say – You’re welcome! 

– Find it @ 

5. Unique If you haven’t come across Unique before, then you my reader, haven’t experienced the art of shopping.  unikEntering this store, may make you feel like there’s too much to shop through, but once you actually take the time to decipher the clothing, you’ll learn to appreciate every piece of clothing like a piece of art. They hold a range of brands for women (and men) and you can count on them to have your everyday look at uniquely bargained prices! – Talk about being unique! – Make sure to go all the way upstairs for some shoes and please, by all means, go crazy on  making your unique look fabulous!

– Find it @ Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2N 1P6 (514) 381-9964

Now that You know My Top5LadiesBoutiques in MTL, please leave me your comments and feedback:

1. Have You been to all 5 stores?

2. If You have not, did I convince You to go to the ones You have not yet gone to? Please do not forget to send me Your comments once you do go to them.

3. Also, do you have any boutiques you would add to this list? Don’t hesitate to tell me about them, I’ll check them out and write back sometime soon!

If You wish to have my feedback about a specific store, please don’t hesitate to ask for my 2cents in a comment.

Shop away mes chéries! 

– L.S.


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