DON’T PANIC… Happy Clients with Happy Tummies is our business !!

Dear my fave Reader,

Has it happened to you that on a weekday, right when you least expect it, at 11:45 AM, one of your clients unexpectedly walks into your office…And the first question that pops in your head is whether you feel comfortable enough taking your client to your daily restaurant to grab your regular mac’n’cheese ? Well if you’re wondering…DON’T…DON’T TAKE YOUR CLIENT TO YOUR DAILY PLAIN RESTAURANTS! Where you take your client reflects not only your professionalism but a little bit about you! So you tell me, is that the impression you would like to have?

This blog will not enumerate “the 18 reasons why you shouldn’t take your client to your ritual spots”! That’s always up to you but what you will find here though is a list of five restaurants where we suggest that you take your clients to, either for a meeting or simply to keep a good relations, which is always a great idea for all of you, current or future business owners !

1. Tavern Square Dominion. Right in the heart of The Golden Square Mile, this restaurant has survived through many ups and downs of our society. What are the secret ingredients of its success?  A blend of French and Canadian Cuisine with a touch of British culture. Thankfully, in 1988 a law came into force and prohibited the exclusivity of taverns to men, allowing women access to places such as Tavern Square Dominion!!! If you get the chance to take your client there, don’t forget to score points by inviting them to a Bone Marrow Platter followed by the Nutmeg Doughnuts. You’ll thank me in due time for these tips!

_DSC0519 dominion_square_tavern_bone_marrow

2. Olive & Gourmando. This restaurant always has a lineup as of noon. Is it worth the waiting time? Absolutely. Even if you are impatient, go and wait… trust me on this one ! If you want to get a seat, either go there at 11:30 AM or after 2 PM. Attention: Olive & Gourmando is closed on Mondays, hence plan accordingly and pencil it in your agenda in advance if you can. I made my Californian friend try their food and let me confirm that he was drooling for a while after – you know you did Montreal good when you’ve impressed Californians!

Their soups, their sandwiches, their deserts… you will not have enough of this jewel. Try their roasted Grain-Fed Chicken Breast Rubbed with Cajun Spices, Guacamole, Fresh Tomatoes, and Mango ! Your clients will love you for making them discover this spot.IMG_4630 IMG_3356

3. Dolcetto & co. Where do I start? You will not turn into a sailor at this Bar a vin italien, but you will sure wish you were one, if the food they serve is what sailors get to eat on their trips. As the sizes of their pizzas are just perfect, I highly recommend the foie gras fig sea salt pizza. Yes they have other pizzas to eat too, including a nutella one, but what can I say ? The heart wants to share what the tummy loves to taste.

Foie Gras

4. Titanic. No you are not going to sink, but the restaurant is extremely interesting as it is in the basement of the building! Although there is a lot of traffic there, you will almost always find a spot to sit and enjoy your food. This typical Old Montreal style restaurant is full of laid back professionals during lunch times and the staff is extremely kind and friendly. As for the food, I used to always order their BLT which is mixed with extravaganza vegetables, until I was introduced to their all vegetarian platter followed by their Mac’n’cheese. Needless to say that I personally scored points when I took my vegetarian client to Titanic for their vegetarian Platter.


5. Cantinho de Lisboa. Recently discovered during a hunt for a new spot to meet potential clients, this place is not only a restaurant! In fact, you can kill a few birds with the one stone:

1 little birdie) Please your client with a healthy platter so she or he will not have to worry confessing to their gym trainer about their calorie intake;

2 little birdies) Impress your client with the chef behind the scenes : Chef Helena Loureiro;

3 little birdies) Buy your fresh foods, hand picked or prepared by this one of a kind chef, just like you would do in a small market!

* Don’t skip their julienned… Crispy… Long… thin… fries!


Last but not least, when you’re clients are enthusiastically impressed and ask you how you found this place you took them to, make sure to forward them our blog link as these are just a few suggestions among many more to come in our upcoming blogs that they may need to use one day!!

May your success and appetite be satisfied dear readers! Please don’t forget to send WHATZBEST G.A.L.S. your comments!!!

Bon Appétit !

Your WhatZBest G.A.L.S.




Dear Reader,

After two weeks of talking about some of the fab restaurants in town, it’s now time to talk about the best way to burn calories !!!

Keep in mind that this blog is only suggesting the BEST so you will not be encourage to just go out and run in this icebox-north-pole-like-weather. Instead, the alternative solution is to send you to a studio where the climate of India has been brought to you in a room set to be somewhere between 37 to 42 degrees Celsius.

In this studio, like in no other place, you will sweat, detox, tone up and feel great before, during and after the session. Now we must find the answer to the following questions:





Answer:     HOT YOGA

I started going to Hot Yoga in November 2014. The first month I enjoyed going there twice a week. As of January 2015, I have been going to Hot Yoga 6 times a week, if not 7!

*I am addicted to Hot Yoga.


  • Feel physically in shape

Hot Yoga makes me feel physically in shape. You will notice that the moment you enter the studio, your body will start absorbing the heat and immediately you will feel relaxed. This heated environment will accelerate your heartbeat and consequently you will be able to do all the yoga positions and get a great full body workout – and an amazing core workout for stronger ABS!

  • Feel balanced

There is more ! Hot Yoga makes me feel balanced. As you lie down on your mat, you will notice that all the responsibilities and burden you have as a mother, father, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife, professional or businessperson, etc. will feel a little distant … allowing you to focus on your workout and your breath for the entire duration of the session. With practice, you will be able to eliminate unwanted thoughts from your mind, enable a peaceful workout and feel balanced.

  • Self-Confidence Booster

No matter the type of bumps you may be encountering in your life right now, you will notice that following Hot Yoga Sessions, you will stand taller, feel stronger and look calmer. As every single muscle of your body gets to work, flush toxins and relax, you will feel like your face muscles allow you to smile bigger while your back and shoulder muscles will improve your posture. These are some of the ingredients to a better self confidence which are all readily available for you during a Hot Yoga Session.

If you are not convinced yet, here are some other reasons for you to try Hot Yoga: to shed pounds, to become more flexible, or to reduce joint or muscle pains, to feel healthier!!!

There are a number of Bikram and Moksha yoga studios around the city – among others – and they usually have offers such as the Moksha West island that offers your first month unlimited for 40 $.

*You will be addicted to Hot Yoga too.

I’m not telling you it will be easy – I’m telling you it will be worth it.




My favorite reader,

While drafting my last blog, I had promised myself to share my top 5 supper spots in Montreal with you and ever since Sunday, I have been thinking, evaluating and reevaluating some restaurants that I would consider my top 5. There was, however, a nice turn of events last Tuesday. By pure fluke, my friend and I entered a restaurant in the Old Montreal and we were swept off our feet by their exceptional and noteworthy service, not to mention their extraordinary food and ambiance !!!

The flickering flames of the fireplace, visible to the passengers of McGill Street on a desperately cold day of January, attracted us in what appeared to be a small yet a rustic chic restaurant. Other than a seat at the big wooden bar placed in the middle of this gem, we had the option to choose our seats either in the cozy setting by the window or in the unexpected hidden cozy setting in the back of this restaurants.

As we sat at the bar, we were approached by one of the employees, extremely helpful and friendly. He was patient enough to suggest and make me taste four different types of wines before I picked my favorite one.

Without a doubt, the choices from the menu were the oysters, the salmon tartar, the beef tartar, and… the Poutine G.

Poutine G : mini potatoes, seared foie gras, veal sweetbreads, porcini sauce


The best formula for losing weight is to breakfast like a king and dine like a pauper!!

Au P'tit Cochon Santé &  Maison Christian Faure
Maison Christian Faure
Au P’tit Cochon Santé
Au P’tit Cochon Santé
Au P’tit Cochon Santé

Dear You,

As promised in my first blog ever, I am so excited to announce that I have reviewed my experience at tons of restaurants in Montreal and I am now ready to provide You my Top.5.Brunch.Spots.In.Montreal. You will notice that these restaurants are not named in any particular order. Let’s get to the point.

Ready ?



1. Au P’tit Cochon Santé is a charming joint on a quiet part of Notre Dame Street West (also in Rosemère) – where You will be under the impression that You can eat everything they offer and it will do no harm to your body. Their menu promotes the meals to be Healthy & Bio, yet very tasty & they are not off! I had their French toast with pear compote, bananas, pears with fleur de sel caramel on the side, as well as their Omelette with Spinach, tomato confit and oregano feta … Delish – Their Café Mocha…Great. Do I need to say more?  Given its location in a quiet neighbourhood, I doubt that the wait will ever be more than 10 minutes. I highly suggest this spot!

2. Bistro Passé Composé is Plus Que Parfait, if You know what I mean ! Yes You will have to wait for a table most of the time – but who cares during the summer when You are only walking distance from Parc La Fontaine, right? In winter, perhaps what I’m about to say will motivate You to do the line up for a reasonable amount of time before You give up.  I recommend the two dishes I love most on their menu in the following order: start with their Omelette Roll Espana which is a mix of Chorizo, spaghetti squash, baby spinach and goat cheese – YUM – and right after, for dessert (Yes! I said for dessert) you must try their French Toast! You will be forever thankful for doing this & if anyone dares to frown upon your big meal, show them this blog that encourages you or even forces you to do it 🙂 

3. Communion – in old Montreal, this restaurant is a little more upbeat than the other two I just named. Perhaps it’s because of their authentic look and their brief menu ! I love their menu because they don’t give You a zillion options to choose from – they get right to the point by offering 4 options and I highly suggest the second option called Santé. A Santé plate includes: poached eggs, goat cheese, spinach salad, parfait yogurt, blueberry pancakes … as well as a freshly squeezed orange juice, bio coffee, amazing bread and finger-licking-good-home-made-jam !!! The service is great, the vibe is great, the location is great, the food’s quality and quantity : Great!

4. Maison Christian Faure is RIGHT next to Communion but these two are worlds apart in terms of what they have to offer. Maison Christian Faure offers delicious pastries – the chefs are M.O.F. : Meilleurs Ouvriers de France – a very prestigious & highly respected title. If You prefer to have a Fresh+Warm+Tasty Croissant for breakfast/brunch, You must go to Maison Christian Faure. The vibe is extremely european, the staff is very polite & helpful, the pastries are very fresh and appealing. Bon Appétit !

5. Last but not least : Le Cartet. Yes You will have to wait a while for a table but once You get a seat, You get to make new friends, by force! I kid You not. Le Cartet is charming because You get to share a table with many people at a time and You can’t help but hear everyone else’s conversation – it’s a fact ! Their menu is a little complicated as there are many things on it but no matter what You choose, You will like it. This restaurant is located in the heart of Old Montreal on McGill Street. If You ever get tired of waiting for a seat, You can try to go to HamBar or Holder, as they both are across the street from Le Cartet. I highly suggest Le Cartet for the experience and the food.

Now that You know My Top5BrunchSpots in MTL, please leave me comments and let me know:

1. Have You been to all 5 restaurants?

2. If You have not, did I convince You to try the ones You have not yet tried? Please do note forget to send me Your comments once you do go to the restaurants you have not yet been to.

If You wish to have my feedback about a specific restaurant, please don’t hesitate to ask for my 2cents in a comment.

I can’t wait to read Your comments on my blog!!!!!!

Have a great SundayFunday & I hope to hear that You will go to one of these 5 restaurants today!!!

– G.A.