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While drafting my last blog, I had promised myself to share my top 5 supper spots in Montreal with you and ever since Sunday, I have been thinking, evaluating and reevaluating some restaurants that I would consider my top 5. There was, however, a nice turn of events last Tuesday. By pure fluke, my friend and I entered a restaurant in the Old Montreal and we were swept off our feet by their exceptional and noteworthy service, not to mention their extraordinary food and ambiance !!!

The flickering flames of the fireplace, visible to the passengers of McGill Street on a desperately cold day of January, attracted us in what appeared to be a small yet a rustic chic restaurant. Other than a seat at the big wooden bar placed in the middle of this gem, we had the option to choose our seats either in the cozy setting by the window or in the unexpected hidden cozy setting in the back of this restaurants.

As we sat at the bar, we were approached by one of the employees, extremely helpful and friendly. He was patient enough to suggest and make me taste four different types of wines before I picked my favorite one.

Without a doubt, the choices from the menu were the oysters, the salmon tartar, the beef tartar, and… the Poutine G.

Poutine G : mini potatoes, seared foie gras, veal sweetbreads, porcini sauce



The best formula for losing weight is to breakfast like a king and dine like a pauper!!

Au P'tit Cochon Santé &  Maison Christian Faure
Maison Christian Faure
Au P’tit Cochon Santé
Au P’tit Cochon Santé
Au P’tit Cochon Santé

Dear You,

As promised in my first blog ever, I am so excited to announce that I have reviewed my experience at tons of restaurants in Montreal and I am now ready to provide You my Top.5.Brunch.Spots.In.Montreal. You will notice that these restaurants are not named in any particular order. Let’s get to the point.

Ready ?



1. Au P’tit Cochon Santé is a charming joint on a quiet part of Notre Dame Street West (also in Rosemère) – where You will be under the impression that You can eat everything they offer and it will do no harm to your body. Their menu promotes the meals to be Healthy & Bio, yet very tasty & they are not off! I had their French toast with pear compote, bananas, pears with fleur de sel caramel on the side, as well as their Omelette with Spinach, tomato confit and oregano feta … Delish – Their Café Mocha…Great. Do I need to say more?  Given its location in a quiet neighbourhood, I doubt that the wait will ever be more than 10 minutes. I highly suggest this spot! http://cochonsante.com

2. Bistro Passé Composé is Plus Que Parfait, if You know what I mean ! Yes You will have to wait for a table most of the time – but who cares during the summer when You are only walking distance from Parc La Fontaine, right? In winter, perhaps what I’m about to say will motivate You to do the line up for a reasonable amount of time before You give up.  I recommend the two dishes I love most on their menu in the following order: start with their Omelette Roll Espana which is a mix of Chorizo, spaghetti squash, baby spinach and goat cheese – YUM – and right after, for dessert (Yes! I said for dessert) you must try their French Toast! You will be forever thankful for doing this & if anyone dares to frown upon your big meal, show them this blog that encourages you or even forces you to do it 🙂  http://bistropassecompose.com 

3. Communion – in old Montreal, this restaurant is a little more upbeat than the other two I just named. Perhaps it’s because of their authentic look and their brief menu ! I love their menu because they don’t give You a zillion options to choose from – they get right to the point by offering 4 options and I highly suggest the second option called Santé. A Santé plate includes: poached eggs, goat cheese, spinach salad, parfait yogurt, blueberry pancakes … as well as a freshly squeezed orange juice, bio coffee, amazing bread and finger-licking-good-home-made-jam !!! The service is great, the vibe is great, the location is great, the food’s quality and quantity : Great! http://www.restaurantcommunion.com

4. Maison Christian Faure is RIGHT next to Communion but these two are worlds apart in terms of what they have to offer. Maison Christian Faure offers delicious pastries – the chefs are M.O.F. : Meilleurs Ouvriers de France – a very prestigious & highly respected title. If You prefer to have a Fresh+Warm+Tasty Croissant for breakfast/brunch, You must go to Maison Christian Faure. The vibe is extremely european, the staff is very polite & helpful, the pastries are very fresh and appealing. Bon Appétit ! http://maisonchristianfaure.ca/en/

5. Last but not least : Le Cartet. Yes You will have to wait a while for a table but once You get a seat, You get to make new friends, by force! I kid You not. Le Cartet is charming because You get to share a table with many people at a time and You can’t help but hear everyone else’s conversation – it’s a fact ! Their menu is a little complicated as there are many things on it but no matter what You choose, You will like it. This restaurant is located in the heart of Old Montreal on McGill Street. If You ever get tired of waiting for a seat, You can try to go to HamBar or Holder, as they both are across the street from Le Cartet. I highly suggest Le Cartet for the experience and the food. http://lecartet.com

Now that You know My Top5BrunchSpots in MTL, please leave me comments and let me know:

1. Have You been to all 5 restaurants?

2. If You have not, did I convince You to try the ones You have not yet tried? Please do note forget to send me Your comments once you do go to the restaurants you have not yet been to.

If You wish to have my feedback about a specific restaurant, please don’t hesitate to ask for my 2cents in a comment.

I can’t wait to read Your comments on my blog!!!!!!

Have a great SundayFunday & I hope to hear that You will go to one of these 5 restaurants today!!!

– G.A.

Welcome to my new Blog…

Dear You,

After recommending many many many restaurants to friends and family, I have been highly advised to share my experience with You.

My first blog post on WHATZBEST will be about My Top5BrunchSpots in Montreal!

Here is how I want You to contribute :

–  If You have tried all 5 of my recommended spots, then share Your comments with me!

– If You have not tried all 5 of my recommended spots, then You know what to do. Oh please don’t forget to tell me all about it!

I look forward to posting that first blog this weekend and I am so excited to read Your feedback !!!