Best Restaurants in Montreal – Special Edition of Mimi la Nuit experience, brought to you by WhatZBest G.A.L.S. !


Our Darling Readers,

As the snow is slowly but surely starting to melt, it’s as if new restaurants are flourishing right and left in our city. While getting rid of our winter jackets, boots and gloves, we must start hitting the hottest spots to savour the most Delish dishes of the latest restaurants opening up in town, and who better than WhatZBest to provide you the list of the very best.

We haven’t had the chance to write to you about our latest discovery because we were puzzled about it for a while: how could a musician, an architect and a businessman, among others, run a restaurant, not any, but an exquisite one in demand?!

Let us tell you a quick anecdote to sum it up for you.

Long Story Short … Recently, we discovered Mimi la Nuit and right away, we were amazed by its hip atmosphere, its trendy look, the quality of their food and its fantastic presentation. So good, that we asked to meet the partners.

To our surprise, we met three of them (out of a few) and once we asked a few questions, we wondered about the ingredients of their success. And when we felt like some of the pieces of the puzzle were missing, we digged deeper by asking Edward Zaki, one of the partners of Mimi la Nuit, to describe the source of Mimi la Nuit’s success.

Edward’s modest answer is an overview of what happens behind the scene of their Hit. Just like an octagon that relies on each of its eight pillars, this uproaring spot also has eight pillars that play an enormous role :

1) The ambiance/design/and their deviation from main stream music

2) Jeff Stinco, one of its partners and a member of Simple Plan

3) PM Tremblay … “a super well known bar/restaurant manager” (and I quote Edward in “…”)

4) Sindie Goineau – “one of the most well known sommelière in Montreal”

5) Location – Le 22 Saint-Paul Est, Montréal

6) Amazing waiters

7) The Finger Licking Original Good Food

8) Last but not least, Eloi Dion, a great chef !

Now that we have more information about Mimi la Nuit’s ingredients for success, let’s discover what they serve and where they serve it!

IMG_1616Unlike most restaurants, the kitchen is not isolated in a secluded area behind locked doors. The wine cellar is beautifully organized. The brick walls display the historic feel of the of Old Port. Enough said, I will let you enjoy the pictures:


What to eat there ?

Poultry: a really tasteful blackened chicken with a unique sauce, perhaps one of the many specialties of Mimi la Nuit, covering a sea of grilled vegetables!

Fruit: a bowl of water melon sliced in cubes and covered with spices, mixed with ricotta cheese, black olives, and tomatoes. I bet you that your taste buds will be impressed by this mix!

Deep fried: no comments, just look at the pictures of these shrimps on a stick!

Vegetable: Brussel Spouts with nuts, Serrano, mixed with apples !!!

IMG_5303 IMG_2771


Need I say more to get you in your car and on your way already ?

I think not!

It also has been brought to my attention that some of the partners of Mimi la Nuit also separately own the following restaurants which we will be visiting and writing about soon …

Barbounya; chez Victoire; Mangiafoco; Le Shinji; LaureaLorbeer; Drinkerie

If you have a chance to try this restaurant, we will be glad to read your comments !

Yours very truly,

Yours favourite G.A.L.S.


Single, taken? – Who cares you’re awesome!

Dear awesomeness,

It must have been really hard for everyone to go out there in the city this weekend as it is a hassle to find parking in this snow, among the last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers who are running from one store to another trying to find the perfect gift for their love.grumpy-cat-valentines-day-meme-3

It has been since the day after Christmas that all the shelves in stores bear reminders of this day, every radio commercial constantly reminds us that this weekend will either be a marathon of love songs or break up songs, every single business that has your email is sending you reminders that February 14th is the day to celebrate love.

Hence most singles will attempt to stay away from the streets in hopes of being far far far from every single reminder of love, passion, cheesiness …, but you soon realize that there is no escape. However, the last thing we want is for you to look anything like grumpy cat here!

So we came up with 7 great  things to do to ensure that you don’t get boggled down with all the overwhelming pressure to be in love.

good-friends-good-timeswall-quotes-friends-sayings1. Start with the best first step to happiness – gratitude! Take some time to  Look at everything you have to be thankful for. Start with the simplest things; food, clean water, a roof over your head, warmth, and gradually move to the more complex things; about how your life played out, how the tougher parts of it got you where you are today and made you a better person, and the greater moments that made you happy through ever step. Do it for this weekend, and do it everyday until it’s mastered in your day-to-day routine, before you know it,”Gratitude will start a chain reaction to happiness“.

2. Next up, get together with the best of friends. You know those who make you laugh so hard that you have tears in your eyes, the ones that surprise you every time that you think they couldn’t come up with a funnier unexpected comment or even the one that entertains themselves so much that their laugh is funnier than the funny thing they just did. If you don’t have friends like that, we have other options for you but trust me it’s probably more important to get one or a few of those instead of a valentine!download

3. Do something fun, go to a comedy show at Comedy Nest, jump on trampolines at Isaute, get some coffee while you pet some kitties at Café Chat L’heureux and pick up on their warmth, go skating in the old port. Anything it takes to make the youth shine out of your smile.

images4. You can also go to Pandore, Flyjin, Furco, or any other one of these places where you can dance like nobody is watching, or maybe dance like somebody is watching, whatever shakes your booty!

5. Pamper yourself, go to a spa, get a haircut, shave, make sure you feel at your 100% best. I wouldn’t recommend going to the most common places as they will be swamped with couples, but try somewhere new, somewhere isolated where you can treat yourself in peace!

6. Hit the gym like Rocky, or do some Hot Yoga like a Yogii! Ya I’m sure no one else told you to do that. But what better way to show love – to yourself! Hit the gym, hard and know that no matter what, you’re working on keeping yourself at your best.

7. Lastly, that seat doesn’t need to be for you:10985597_10152540587970670_840132086027102314_n

Stay in, cook a dinner and watch a movie. If you can’t cook for your life, there’s plenty of culinary classes that you can book for this weekend. You can even read a book, play some board games with friends (Taboo rocks our world) or even better leave us some feedback on our WHATZBEST blog and tell us what what you would like to read about!

In short, these are just a few guidelines! Do whatever your heart feels for! Just make sure it’s not something you will look back at with disappointment! It’s a man made holiday, society can be pretty pressuring these days, it’s on you to keep your head up, it’s on us to help!

Now that You’ve heard our best advice, give us your comments and feedback:

1. What did you do?

2. What else would you recommend?

3. What worked for you? What didn’t?

We’re waiting to hear from you!

With lots of love,

G. A. & L. S – oh look at that our initials combined come us as GALS! We some cool GALS 😉